Introducing: technical manager


Who are you?

My name is Aleksi Immonen and this season I'm the technical manager. 

What do you study?

In Tampere University of Applied Sciences I study Mechanical engineering and I specialize in product development. 

How did you end up in Formula Student -project?

I saw the team presenting the formula car in the school lobby and got very interested. The possibility to try my own ideas in practice is why I joined the team.

What have you gained from being part of the team?

During my time in Tampere UAS Motorsport I have learned in different stages of the team work. I've made many new friends and contacts. I now have experiences and expertise which you can't get just from the classes. 

What are your responsibilities?

My main responsibility is to make sure that the team is on schedule. It's also important to keep the targets for development in balance. I make the final decisions in all our different departments. I learn from others and improve my skills as both designer and team leader. 

Describe the season from your point of view?

The season starts with ideation, in which I'm actively involved. After we have chosen the new team members, we go through the ideas and pick the best ones to the next car. At this point the technical manager approves the plans. 

January is usually a very hectic month, because most of the registration quizzes will be held then. In order to succeed in the quizzes, it's important to prepare well. In spring I make sure that the car will be ready to Roll Out that usually is in April. In summer in the competitions it's my job to lead the team.

Why to become technical manager?

As technical manager I'm in the center of action and in some type of spotlight. Being technical manager teaches you to recognize the importance of time management and how to be a good leader. I believe it's very rewarding position to be in.