Introducing: powertrain department


Iiro Lehtinen

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Iiro Lehtinen and I'm the head of the Powertrain department. 

What do you study?

I study Vehicle Engineering for the third year and I specialize in Garage Engineering.

How did you end up in Formula Student -project?

I didn't want to join the team in the first year of my studies, because I thought that I don't have enough time for my studies and for the formula project. Several classmates of mine joined the team already in the first year, so they got me to join the team in the second year. 

What have you gained from being part of the team?

In the team I have learned better to do things in practice. Also, you realize the importance of team work when you work with many people towards one mutual goal. In addition, your time managements skills will get better when you have to balance with multiple different schedules.

What are your responsibilities?

Our job is to design the components that deliver the engine's power to tires. That includes designing rear plate (connects the motor to differential), gears to motor and rear axle, chain, drive shafts, and bearing the spinning components. In addition, we do the brackets for those components. 

Describe the season from your point of view?

Designing and 3D-drawing the components will be done in the Autumn time. For example, 3D-printed replicas help us to understand how to create a functional combination. In the beginning of the new year we start manufacturing the components and fitting those in the car. 

Why to choose the powertrain department?

Powertrain is a good department to start your career in the Formula Student -project, because the things there are not as complicated as in other departments. However, we closely co-operate with the engine department, so there is also possibility to do a lot of technical work and learning regarding that. 

In the department there is also Henrik Hakanen (vehicle engineering) and Antti Hopia (vehicle engineering).