Introducing: aerodynamics and fiber department


Rasmus Silander

Who are you?

My name is Rasmus Silander and I'm the head of aerodynamics & fiber department.

What do you study?

I've studied mechanical engineering in Tampere University of Applied Sciences for almost 3 years now. I specialize in aircraft engineering.

How did you end up in the Formula Student -project?

Rasmus: I was very interested in manufacturing composite components. My friend advised me to join the team.

Other team members: 

"I knew about the team already before school started. The first presentation of the team convinced me right away and I knew I want to join the team. "

"Designing and hands-on working methods really interested me."

"I joined the team after my friend told me about this project."

"I already had some experience from this field, so it was very natural to join the team. "

What have you gained from being part of the team?

Rasmus: In the team you get to learn things that you can't learn in classes, for example aerodynamics and manufacturing composites. Networking and creating contacts are huge advantages of being in the team.

Other team members: 

"I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding composites and aerodynamics. Also, practice from designing and specifically the kind of designing where you have to actually manufacture the part, is very beneficial. I consider this to be one of the most important aspects of this project. In addition, I have made many contacts to working life and even found a place to work mostly thanks to being part of Tampere UAS Motorsport."

"In the team you get to learn how to manage and lead projects."

"Working in this team has given an opportunity to witness and experience the product lifecycle right from the beginning until the end. "

What are your responsibilities?

Our main task is to improve the aerodynamics of our car. In other words, we try to reduce drag and create more downforce. We mainly manufacture composite components out of carbon fiber. By ourselves, we manufacture for example covers, wings, side pontoons, steering wheel and firewall.  

Describe the season from your point of view?

In the beginning of the seasons, which is in autumn, we study the data and experiences we have gathered from the previous car. If the weather is good enough, we can do some final testing. Based on the test results we decide the main areas of development for the next season. We use the 3D-model of the car and simulating as tools to help us find even better aerodynamic solutions. 

We drive to improve our manufacturing methods and find lighter solutions regarding the structure of the components.

Why to choose the aero department?

In this department you get to do things you cannot do in everyday life.

In classes you don't learn much about aerodynamics, but in here you definitely do! 

In the aerodynamics and fiber department there is also Arttu Vihavainen (vehicle engineering), Waltteri Koskinen (vehicle engineering), Lauri Valtonen (vehicle engineering), Tomi Kerttula (mechanical engineering) and Markus Töppärä (building services engineering).