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Who are you?

I am Aleksi Immonen and I have worked in the season 2017-2018 as technical director of the team.

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What do you study?

I am studying mechanical engineering in TAMK and I am a specialist in product development.

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How long have you been involved?

I have been involved in the team for the duration of my studies. Prior to this task, the engineer and the sub-region of the hull were several seasons.

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How did you come to the Formula one Student project?

I ended up with my first year of studying at TAMK, when I saw the formula in the lobby. The opportunity to bring their own ideas into practice raised was the main reason why I went into the project.

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What did you get out of your team?

During the course of my career in Formula One, I learned very extensively to work with different people in different phases of teamwork. I have received many new friends from the team and they will certainly help in future working life projects. Much I have also learned such skills which I would not otherwise have learned in school.

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What are your main tasks?

My main tasks are to try to keep the timetable in order and to keep the development targets as harmonious. It is also a question of making final decisions in each area. Learning from others and developing your own skills as a designer as a team leader is part of your task.

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The course of the season from your own perspective?

The season begins with an ideation, where the technical director is very actively involved. Once the new team has been brought together you will begin to have ideas to go through and select the ones you would start refining in your new car. This is where the technical director accepts plans for future cars. After the start of the year, registrations will take a little time to prepare for them. As the spring progresses, updating and monitoring the schedule is the most important task. In Summer Games, team management is also on my shoulders.

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Why become a technical leader?

As a technical leader, you are fully operational in focus and in a certain light. The technical director learns very effectively the importance of scheduling and how to lead people as a team. I believe that acting as a technical director is very rewarding for the future.

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