Hi there. My name is Aleksi Kerola. In this season I'm the Team Manager. Team Manager is the right hand of the Technical Manager, which means taking care of everything else other than the technical aspect.

My name is Tapio Nokkonen. I study in Tampere University of Applied Sciences for the first year. In the team I'm responsible of choosing a good starter motor to our FS018 car. I also participate in maintaining and setting up the electrical system.

I'm Santeri Rahkola and this season I'm responsible of designing the chassis and the brakes. In practice I take care of that our car has four spinning wheels.

Olli: I'm Olli Pernu and I'm this season's head of the engine department with Henri. In the previous seasons, I have first been part of frame department and after finishing the frame, I have then switched to the engine department for the rest of the season.